Sunday, 18 August 2013

I know.....

I should have worked on my essay, I am expecting my sister-in-law (ex husbands sister in law) on Thursday night and needed to get some work done around the house.

Today's weather was incredible. I had the house all open it was so warm. 

In the afternoon I took out the small purse pattern I got from the craft fair last weekend.  I decided I was  going to make the purse and started gluing hexagon papers to fabrics 

I am using my French General fabrics. I know that would surprise you!  

I have begun joining these together. 


  1. Love those fabrics they blend together so well.

  2. i love this fabric,cant wait to see it made up Simone.xx

  3. Love the General! Looking forward to your progress on this one.

  4. ooooh yummo....what more can I say!!!! xoxo sugary hugs :o)

  5. EverYOne loves FG fabric's 'cause they are simply gorgeous! :)

  6. Hexies look so great in French General!

  7. Stitching isn't cleaning the
    But they are pretty......


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