Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Purse kit

Today I had a day home. 

After lunch I finished sewing together  the hexagons. 

I sewed the pieces together on the machine. 
Tonight I am attaching the frame. I have stitched it together so I can sew the frame onto the purse. 

Purse is all finished. My purse looks like it has wings. Much bigger than hat if the pattern. I may not have sewed the pleat enough. 

I am happy to have another finish for the month. 
That is a total of two. Yay. 

my good friend Michelle from

Is the best at making these purses. You should go check her out. I messaged her and she helped me out. 



  1. You've done a great job Simone. It was nice of Michelle to help you.

  2. your little purse looks great Simone. Well done!!

  3. Lucky you having a day at home. Purse looks good too.

  4. Sweet, red Hexie it xx


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