Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday Night sew in

Friday night the kids and I had take away. That meant more time for me to sew. 

I set my machine up on the table. It won't move from here for a couple of weeks. 

I started with this. 

Became this. 

Then this. 

To become this. 

I need the felt for the needles and the button then all will be complete!  

It matches my sewing bag. 

I then spent the rest if the night stitching More hexagon joiners. 

I have these already now. And NO I didn't sew them all in ine night. 


  1. Masssive had a good night Simone...

  2. You were busy Simone. Love the fabric, bright and cheery. Sharyn:)

  3. A great job on your needlecase Simone. The stitched hexies are lovely too. hugs.....

  4. wow such a beautiful set,well done Simone.xx

  5. Those hexies look so lovely. Your needlebook will be gorgeous.


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