Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Part one has arrived.

I was very excited when a delivery truck pulled up in front of my house.  The driver go out of the truck and brought in a box.  I secretly thought I was getting my dishwasher, my landlord came a couple of months ago and said I would be getting a dishwasher,  well it has been nearly three years!

In the box were three smaller parcels. 

My lamps had arrived. 
Now I can sit easy knowing that my call about second place at the Canberra Craft and Quilt Fair was true!

1. The floor lamp. Mum and I put it together. Mum liked it and said it was better than hers. ( she didn't want to take it home. Phew!)

2. A table lamp. 

3. LED lamp. This lamp is amazing. It runs on batteries or power. The power connects to a USB adapter and can be put in the laptop.   I took it away with me recently as I find motel rooms are dark. 

So far I am so excited with my winnings now to wait for the rest to arrive.


  1. funny how your prize is coming in dribs and drabs - sure does extend the excitement tho!

  2. WOW, wonderful prizes, lucky I didn't help you as I might have wanted to do a swap. Your's is better than mine also!

  3. But wait. There's more! This is the prize that keeps on giving. Now there's no excuse about bad lighting! LOL!


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