Friday, 4 October 2013

A week away already.

Last Friday Ange and I travelled south to Swan Hill in Victoria. We are breakfast I welcoming the Little Murray River., on offshoot of the Murray River. 

We dropped in to spend the day sewing with Kylie and Heather. 
We had bought gifts for Kylie's new house. 

Kylie gave me my birthday present. A gorgeous hat pin cushion. 

One of the ladies in her sewing group made it. 

After the house tour we settled at the table and was presented with a laptop. 

On the laptop screen was the gorgeous Michelle. 
She joined us via FaceTime all the way from Darwin. 

Here is Kylie with the huge grin and Michelle.  It was great to see and-stitch with the girls again. 

Ange finished crocheting a little jacket for her soon to be born granddaughter. 

It is so cute. 

I did my Vignette EPP I nearly got another row attached. Have to sew some more joiners. Have them ready to colour so I will begin very soon. 

Heather did some Dresden plates. 

Kylie did some EPP stitching and Michelle worked on her gorgeous bags. 

If you head over to Michelle's blog. ( I do wish links can be created from the iPhone app!) she has more pictures of the day. 

Afternoon tea was a yummy mud cake made for my happy birthday at this time Kylie's mum Dawn showed up. She was working in the Christmas quilt in the Homespun magazine. 

Was a great day. We need to do it again very soon. But living six hours away is always a challenge when you want to catch up. 


  1. wow what an awesome time you had Simone,lovely memories made.xx

  2. Glad you caught up with all of your friends Simone!

  3. What a lovely day you had - that cake looks simply delicious!

  4. The distance apart makes the "meetings" all the more special I think!
    Great pic's... :)

  5. Just shows Simone, if there's a will there's a way. Sharyn:)


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