Monday, 21 October 2013

Back in a motel room

I am back in Sydney. NSW for a two day conference at the Menzies hotel. 

The conference is on the Science Resource PRIMARY CONNECTIONS. Looking forward to the two days. 

I am here with a colleague she has met up with a friend and have gone out hence the reason for the following ..... 

I have ordered room service. 
Barramundi chips and salad ( plus a small bottle of wine!)

I have made a coffee was about to complain about the size of the mug. 

 Only looks small but looks can be very deceiving. 

Lifted the mug and here is what happened. 
The cup grew and there is a space in the saucer. 
Hi 5 for a decent cup of coffee. 

Now I have my stitching out of my suitcase. 

Ready to sit and sew. 

Mmm tea has arrived. 


  1. Never seen a mug like that before - shows you that looks can be deceiving. Have fun at your conference, and hope you fit in some stitching time

  2. Love the coffee cup and tea looks good. Want to see that finished stitchery as it looks interesting.

  3. I've never seen a cup like that before either. Enjoy that stitching.

  4. EnJoY Sydney if you can... cause I know you'll enjoy the stitching! :)

  5. what a fuuny cup and saucer,lol.xx

  6. Love that mug and saucer, very cool. Hope you have a great couple of days. Hugs.....


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