Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Part B lucky door prize

Well earlier this week I got the second part of my lucky door prize. 

Different lace and decorations. 

The crystal applicator. 

Packets of hot crystals. 

I am very pleased with the prize but I am unsure what to do with the laces and trims (any ideas?)

At the moment they are being stored in this gorgeous bag. 

Elm Creek quilt bag.  Given to me by Nat, my gorgeous friend and for 10 years my principal. 


  1. How lovely of your principal to give you that bag...mine on gives me grief! lol. I have often wondered about those crystal applicators - so look forward to hearing about you journey.

  2. You could add those trims to bags Simone. Or perhaps make a covered journal.

  3. what a lovely win Simone.xx

  4. I'm sure the girls would like to play around with them.


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