Sunday, 8 December 2013

New project

When I went to the stitching day in Wagga I was given this pattern designed by the gorgeous Rosalie Quinlan. 

I was looking for something a little different to start so I picked up the kit and have begun. 

The linen is pink. I can see light parts in those satin stitch leaves so I am thinking of going back and filling them in. 


  1. I am having trouble with that also Simone - I reckon by the time we finish this and the cushion we will be experts at satin stitch!!

  2. I think they look beautiful (but I'm not too good at satin stitch LOL).

  3. I like that pattern ........
    It's very pretty !!

  4. Satin stitch is a beast to do it really good Simone - but there is so much of it in that design, you will be expert in no time!!
    Lovely work for FNWF too... lots happening for you at the moment. I hope the house settlement goes smoothly x

  5. Looking so good Simone, you are doing a great job..

  6. A lovely project you are working on.. I find it hard to get Satin Stitch right too.


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