Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Santa sack swap & SSCS 2013

 Oh my goodness I have been spoilt rotten by two lovely ladies. I really think I struck gold. 

These ladies certainly made my Christmas Day great and I got to open the presents all by myself. No kids around to help me out. 

Today I will share with you my SSCS presents. These came all the way from the Netherlands put together by Anita. 

How cute is this key ring and each time I look at this calendar I will be reminded of the swap. 

This gorgeous quilt was my main present. 

Look at the yummy fabrics Anita used. Will look forward to hanging this when I get home on the weekend.

This is the label on the back. 

Thank you Anita and also Chooky Blue for allowing me to take part in this swap.


  1. such beautiful gifts Simone,enjoy.xx

  2. Love the wall hanging........
    And the clogs are cute.
    You were a lucky girl.....!

  3. I am glad you like the gifts. They were made with love.

  4. Anita has made you a beautiful wall hanging and also sent you beautiful gifts.

  5. You are spoilt! Such lovely swap items.

  6. Those clogs are sooo cute and what a beautiful job Anita did on the wall hanging. Your BFF quilt is coming along nicely and looks great.


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