Friday, 6 December 2013

Xmas surprises.

Today when I came home from work there was a parcel waiting for me. 

It was from Claire. So I knew it was my Santa Sack Swap. I opened the satchel and this is what was inside. 

Lots of wrapped surprises. Now I have it on good authority that opening day is not today ((sad face)). So I put all the parcels back in the post pack and put it under my tree. 

I did this because I won't be home for Xmas and I do t want to leave anything behind, plus my Xmas tree is on my horn sewing cabinet so there is not a lot of room. 

Today was a day full of mixed emotions. My family home, was due to settle today but haven't heard and bank account doesn't show that it has. So.... Fingers crossed it happens over the weekend. 

Tonight I joined in with all the ladies in Friday night with friends. 

Tomorrow I will show you what I did. 


  1. Fingers crossed for you Simone that the settlement happens over the weekend. It is a waiting game this Secret Santa business isn't it!!! lots of surprises to come for many of us!

  2. Your presents look great remember no peaking Santa may be watching. Good luck with you house.

  3. look at all those pressies.....I'm sure it won't be long,,,

  4. Hope all went well with the settlement Simone..
    Oh!!! Nice to have lots of nice gifts to open Christmas day.


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