Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Chain Stitching.

I am back chain stitching the circle around the embroidery. 

I started to slow Down my stitching in the hope the thread would last. No it made no difference. Lol. I can't locate the red I used, it will turn up but not looking now. 

I also had a great idea that I would mount this into a square art easel and not an embroidery hoop but the fabric is not side enough. So hoop it will be. 

Today my youngest began her final year of primary school. 

New uniform was brought and ironed before she woke up and was kept clean until she brushed her teeth and the listerine landed in the dress. 

I will take a better picture tomorrow. 

Bridie also had a check up at the orthodontist this morning and she came away with green teeth. 

If it means she wants braces all is good. 

You can see that her tooth doesn't overlap her big tooth very happy so far. 


  1. Wow!! You have done really well with the embroidery Simone. Your youngest is just like my kids were - could never get to school without a mark on their clothes. it seems the braces are well worth the effort!

  2. Lovely stitching Simone.
    Your little one did make me smile..
    Nice to see the braces do there job.

  3. beautiful stitching Simone and yep the kiddies grow up to fast ,and Bridie looks great with her green teeth,hope the kids enjoy being back at school.xx

  4. The embroidery looks great, most uniforms have a slop of some sort and the braces - well we go through the same thing now each visit...the colours they get to pick from are fantastic!

  5. How great does your stitchery look with the circle of fabric around it now! In a few years Bridie will be worried if there is a bit of green on her teeth!

  6. The stitchery looks fantastic Simone! Yes fancy WaNTinG green but it makes wearing braces a little more fun at least! :)

  7. Love your stitchery. Why do threads go missing so much? You are the 2nd blog I have read today missing threads lol. I love your daughter's name and she is rather sweet.

  8. Beautiful work Simone. Special year for YD. Those orthodontist appointments bring back memories. Hope you find your thread x


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