Sunday, 5 January 2014


Bridie has spent most of today building the Lego sets she got for Christmas. One set was a swimming pool/ resort and the other the luxury boat. 

The toilet and shower. 

The pool area, with spa, slide, hoop, stereo and diving board. 

The refreshment shop 

Relaxing beds and table and chairs 

Bridie has done a great job and is now working on the luxury boat. 

Monday starts the next phase of our holiday. 
Sydney..,, The Lion King .... Shoal haven. 


  1. Wow she really is good at putting Lego together it looks great. Enjoy Sydney.

  2. Lego has come a long way. Enjoy the Lion King. Sharyn:)

  3. Love the Lego...makes a change from all the Star Wars ones I see at the grandies place! Enjoy your time in Sydney.

  4. Lego is always such fun, I cant wait till my grandies are old enough to have this so I can play with them too.

  5. Great lego for girls. Of, course we don't have any of those kind in our stash. Most of it is Star Wars, just like Heather. Have a great time in Sydney. Safe travelling Simone.

  6. Love that Lego! Have a lovely time away, Simone.


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