Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Initial Heart Swap parcel

Today my next door neighbour popped over and gave me my parcel saving me a trip to the post office.

I recognised the name on the back Sue she blogs at http://quiltedhugsandothernonsense.blogspot.com.au. 

My daughter opened the parcel to make sure what was inside was all wrapped up. Yes it was. 

Here is the gift bag. 

This is what was inside. 

Temptation got the better of me so I first opened the card. What a gorgeous card and beautiful message inside. 

These are the gorgeous gifts I found in the pink paper. 

Look at the stitchery. I love it.

Over the weekend I am going to sit down and have a cuppa and those chocolates. 

Thank you Cheryll for hosting the swap and to Sue for the amazing gifts. 


  1. You cheeky girl Simone - and no will power either!!;lol. The gifts are lovely and like you I love the embroidery!

  2. Sue has made you such a lovely heart Simone. Enjoy those choccies!

  3. what lovely gifts you have received from Sue Simone,this is such a fun swap.xx

  4. Beautiful gifts. Great swap.

  5. Oh WOW... love the "S" in your own personal heart!
    Happy Valentines Day swap...lol :)


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