Sunday, 16 February 2014

Nothing worse than a ...

Sick girl. 

Bridie is lactose intolerant and when she woke in Saturday morning I thought she had eaten something that didn't agree with her. 

She happily went off with her father and then returned home today, Sunday. 

The poor darling has gone between toilet, shower and bed all day. She is best pale and not well at all. 

Candice called in and took her to her house for a soaking the bath. Relaxed her a little. Now she is asleep on the lounge wearing only a towel. I have left her there, all lights are on and I am going to bed. 

Talia went water skiing with friends, had a fright and held on for dear life instead if falling off. She returned home with a sore wrist. Will see how it goes as it is very sore. 

Day home tomorrow. Will have to get Bridie friendly drink and food. 


  1. Oh dear - this is not good, I hope she's back to normal soon.

  2. I hope Bridie gets better soon and Talia's wrist stops hurting. Sounds like it's "Nurse Simone" for a few days!

  3. Is this a new development....??
    I've been that way since my early 20's.......and it's not very pleasant.
    I hope she settles down soon.
    Hope Talia's wrist is ok......

  4. Not good at all Simone....hope she is all good now

  5. Simone many angel hugs to you and Bridie. The poor love must be really feeling poorly and you must be tired. Take care.


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