Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Slow down.

I wish the year would slow down. It is going by so fast. 

I have begun studying again. My first online unit perspectives in Leadership, the fifth unit towards my masters of Educational leadership. I am no scholar but will have a go again. 

These past weeks have been super busy at work. There have been a number of conferences held in the office which had mean lots of early starts late finishes and nights out. 

I have been sewing and have been working in a BFF design. 

I would hate to think how many little stitches I have sewn on this one. 

Hope your day is great. 


  1. I agree Simone - it would be nice for the year to slow down. Lovely stitchery - you can get step counters - a stitch counter attached to your wrist would be interesting!!lol

  2. I know !!!!!!
    We have only about 5 weeks and we go on our holiday.........
    Soon it will be Christmas......lol !!!

  3. Take care of yourself. Just as well you find time to stitch. Remember to smell the roses.

  4. I started this block at lunchtime today - this year is going way too fast. Your block is looking lovely.

  5. Lovely block!!! I sometimes wonder the exact same thing. Lol! Good luck with your study xx

  6. Your stitching is looking good Simone. The years do seem to go quickly. Sharyn:)

  7. It's hard to believe we are half way through term 1 - it is flying by. Good luck with the studies - you'll smash it!

  8. Hi Simone, best wishes with your studying...enjoyed seeing your stitchery...Warm Regards, O'faigh


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