Thursday, 20 February 2014

So close...

To my first quilt finish for 2014. 

One of my very good friends who happened to be the principal at the primary school I taught at gave me this pattern, Simply Pleasures.  I am happy to say the quilt is nearly finished. 

The quilting is done and tonight I sewed on the binding. My weekend task is to stitch it down. 

I just love how the quilt looks. 

Also tonight I ventured in to unknown waters. I had an attempt at stippling. 

It is very dodgy but with practice it can only get better. 


  1. Well done Simone.....!!!!!!
    It looks great and yes you can only get better with practice.

  2. Love your quilt. Well done on the stippling.

  3. Lovely quilt Simone. Good on you for having a go with the stippling. Looks great. hugs......

  4. Simone you've been a busy lady! It looks wonderful, well done!
    And you now living exactly what you will have told many students over the years... 'practice, practice, practice'... your stipple attempt is really not too shabby!

    1. I really love your quilt and admire your ability to machine quilt. So glad that Bridie is better.


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