Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Surprise email.

Yesterday  I opened my emails to read a very happy message. From Lyn in New Zealand, who was my swap partner for Cherylls Initial Heart Swap. 

She was happy with the gifts I sent her which is such a relief, although I would have happily kept it for me!

What was also amazing is that my partners Aunty and uncle used to live around the corner from where I live now. So she knows the town I am in. We also have taught in the Catholic Ststem. 

What are the chances,  cannot believe it. 

This is the front if the bag I made for Lyn. I also added some chocolates and some smelly soap to the parcel. 

PS. Tonight I spotted a familiar face on the local news, Chookyblue. I wish it was for a happier reason she was in the news but her family and many other farmers are experience great hardship with  the current drought.

 My Heart and prayers for rain go out to all those farmers who are experiencing the hardships at this moment. 

Some financial relief has been provided by the state government but not nearly enough dor what is needed. 


  1. Oh I love those freaky coincidences! We have had lots in the media about the plight of farmers also - such as hard life for them when our country is so dry.

  2. The world really is a small place! Lovely gift you made for Lyn...
    And Chookyblue would not mince her words when it comes to the government lack of support, good on her


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