Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekend sewing.

This weekend I had a couple of finishes. 


Library bag - I made a dot to dot library bag for the recent valentines Swap and Bridie decided she needed one too. 

So we went and for some fabric and made this. 

Bridie and I also finished the Lego Cruise ship. 


  1. Well you had far more success than I over the weekend. Well done.

  2. You've had a very successful weekend....great craft finishes.

  3. I really love the library bag, it is awesome! Thebunting is rather nice and I love lego. Wish I could find some for myself, the lego that didn't come as a kit for something specific,

  4. Lovely finishes. The bunting is so sweet. Well done with the Lego xx


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