Sunday, 9 March 2014

Back from the quilter

So far this year has seen a few of my tops come to life through quilting. 

Back in 2008 I began stitching Libby Richardsons Lace and Grace. 

I am happy to say my quilt top has been quilted. Here are a few pictures. 

Just enough quilting in the squares. 

More quilting around the print of the fabric. 

The appliqué just pops. Love it. 

Look at the quilting on the border fabric. 

Now the binding is on. 

I only have to sew on the porcelain buttons. 
I am not coping too well with the scraping of the needle against the porcelain button. It is much like fingernails on a blackboard. Not a good feeling. 

It will be finished by the end of the month. 

Looking forward to the finish. 


  1. Beautiful Simone.........
    I hope I get to see it in person.........?

  2. It's so pretty Simone! Well done on finishing it after starting it so long ago... You are right, the quilting is just perfect, the way it shows off the applique & the fabric print... Fantastic Finish!!

  3. Looks very pretty, feminine and lovely quilting Simone. Sharyn:)

  4. Your quilt looks lovely Simone.

  5. Your quilt is stunning and the quilting has been done to suit it perfectly. Woohoo, well done girl.I hope you manage the buttons okay. The thought of fingernails down the blackboard puts my teeth on edge, as does ripping material.


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