Monday, 31 March 2014

How's this for a club

When I was Sydney i stayed at the Bankstown sports club. It is like a little oasis inside, a resort feel.  
There are six restaurants and cafés!  
It is like no other club I have been into. 

Here are some pics of the rainforest feel. 

Look at gorgeous light. Changes cout at night!  

My Aunty and cousinwt me for dinner last night. After dinner we sat near the 'cave' and enjoyed the freer entertainment. 

A great night. If ever you get a chance go visit this club. It is great. 


  1. Looks very swish.........
    And it looks like a very interesting place.

  2. How beautiful is that setting - some very relaxing times could be had there!!

  3. Looks very fancy and relaxing, what a lovely place to rest up.

  4. Looks and inviting place for a relaxing time. Lovely!

  5. You must have felt quite relaxed there. A great escape.

  6. Looks nice - glad you could catch up with family.


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