Thursday, 20 March 2014

With a heavy heart....

I got on the university website and hit the WITHDRAW FROM UNIT button. 

I still have four units to complete but I am so busy and have been travelling lots for work. 

The next few weeks I have overnight trips to Sydney and Cobar. Day trips to Sydney, Trangie and Warren. 

I am looking forward to the trips ahead of me. 

Tonight I went to the local shop and bought some new fabric to start on a pillowcase cover for the neighbour who turns one on Sunday. 

I have chosen a teal blue to appliqué around the letters, unfortunately I can't find the owl fabric but I am sure it will turn up. 


  1. Study is hard, take the time to look after yourself and the girls

  2. Sometimes you just have to have breathing space and take time out... Enjoy the break and your travels..

  3. I think you have made the right decision for you right now - the study will always be there to go back to.

  4. Simone you are human and have only so much time in your day and energy in your body... hopefully a break from it until next semester will be just the thing you need to refresh you and get you ready to study again x


Thank you so much for visiting me... Take care... Simone