Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Family is everything.

My eldest daughter Candice has not lived at home for nearly two years. She chose to walk out just after she was 17, leaving school too, to move in with her boyfriend's family. She also stopped all contact with us for about 12 months. 

Candice found work and waitressed in one of the pubs. 

 So it is great news that she is wanting a new direction and if it is in spotlight I am very happy. 

Great news!  
 Candice's interview was promising. She was told that it will be highly likely she will get a position. They are only offering permanent part time positions of 20 hours. She will know sometime next week. Thanks for all of you who wished her well. 

Now you know a bit of our story and it is all looking bright at this moment.  


  1. What great news that Candice WILL get her job at
    Spotlight. we all have these hiccups with our kids or grand kids.. Things work out thankfully.

  2. thats awesome Simone,its all about learning when you are young,i will keep my fingers crossed for her.xx

  3. Excellent news... my daughter did the same at 16... we are great friends now....

  4. My fingers are still crossed for her!
    HappY EasTeR Simone! :)

  5. That is wonderful news and I am so happy for you both. Angel hugs.

  6. That is great news Simone - fingers crossed that all goes well and she get a position!!


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