Thursday, 24 April 2014


Tuesday wast last full day in Balranald. 

I packed in lots to the day. 
Visits to friends that I always try to see when I return 'home'. 
Bakery for breakfast and also lunch. 
Bingo in the evening. 

Plus More hexie sewing. 

After saying my goodbyes to the bestest friends I have I travelled down the highway and picked up Bridie. 

I had an email earlier in the week from Kerrie asking to meet up for lunch. So I couldn't refuse 

I met Kerrie's mum and also met up with Dorothy.   Last time we met there was a bit of discussion around Dorothy's lack of blogging ( it was non existent). Maybe it was the gentle reminder over lunch but I can know say that Dorothy has a blog. I am writing this post on my iphone so will add a link later. 

It is great to be home again. Back to work Monday so I am hoping to work on a few projects before then. 


  1. And we enjoyed our lunch date and meeting your beautiful girls!!

  2. Good to hear that you have had such a lovely time and plan to do more stitching before returning to work.

  3. Another wonderful few days! :)


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