Thursday, 10 April 2014

I have been...

To sewing tonight.  I was so happy to go as it has been a very busy month. 

Tonight I bought new fabric and started to make a sewing bag for my Barossa trip at the end of May. 

I didnt take a picture of the fabric and all I did was cut it up and pin the handles and the edges of the pockets. Saturday I am going back to the shop so I will take pictures then. 

In the mean time I have retuned to my hexagons. I had to do some reverse sewing of a whole row of hexagons I turned them wrong. Oh well I must be a slow learner!!!  

School holidays begin the weekend and with the girls going away on Saturday I have lots to do. 


  1. Arrr school holidays... perhaps some time to yourself?

  2. You sound very busy, can't wait to see the bag..

  3. You are being very productive at the moment. I eagerly await a pic of the bag when you have completed it.


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