Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Return to work

After having a relaxing break I have returned to work with my skates on. 

So far we have had two meetings if teachers at our office. I have been busily preparing presentations for these events and have found myself having unsettled nights.  

So tonight I decided I needed to get some stitching done. So I have been working on my BFF stitcheries. 

Tonight I sewed the pink flower stems, the blue dots, three green chain stitch stems and the single leaf

Another meeting tomorrow. Looking forward to Friday where I can sit at my desk to plan for next weeks meetings. 


  1. I have that block done, I thinks it's the only one though...always seems to be so many other things to do. Glad you 'eased' back into work, lol. It feels like it's about week 6 or 7 to me!

  2. Hi Simone ,you are doing well with these stitcherys xx


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