Saturday, 17 May 2014

Friday night sew in

Well I was going great guns sewing hexagons together for a new pin cushion.


I was trying to make the bottom of the pincushion also with hexagons but it didn't work so I reversed sewed. 

Them I ended up with the start of the base. 

I now need to:
- sew more white background hexagons to the blue
- make circles out of the template plastic 
- sew the base to the top
- turn right side in and stuff. 

Mmm I can't see this being finished over the weekend. 

Travel itinerary for the week ahead. 




That is my week leading up to the weekend in the Barossa Valley at Indulge with Stitches. 

Not only days in between but many Kms  


  1. Your reverse sewing will be worth it as it looks great and those colours are fantastic! Have a safe drive next week!

  2. Your hexagons look wonderful, Enjoy your road trip.

  3. Great fabric for the top of your hexie pin cushion. I am also good at reverse sewing.
    Enjoy your rod trip next week.

  4. Good god !!!!!!
    I wouldn't want to be you next week..........
    Enjoy your retreat next weekend......

  5. I think you will need that retreat - just to stay in one place for a bit! lovely hexies

  6. That's going to be a very cheerful pin cushion

  7. Your hexies are awesome...another big week on the road, keep safe

  8. Yummy hexies for a lovely pincushion there. Love that fabric, just perfect. Whew! You really are travelling a lot. I am exhausted just reading it. Take care and keep safe on your travels.


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