Sunday, 22 June 2014

My kids.

This afternoon Candice dropped in, those who know my story would know that things haven't been good. 

Yesterday she bought a sewing machine and wanted to make a small quilt. 
We went to spotlight where she bought some owl fabric and dots. 

We designed how the quilt would look. Something simple a six inch block with sashings. 

In between each row will be another spot fabric. We haven't chosen a border thought about putting it together first. 

This is her second quilt. She made one for school when she was in year eight 


  1. That is looking beautiful,

  2. well done Candice. A great second quilt.

  3. Lovely colours, a really sweet quilt Candice is making.

  4. That is a lovely cute quilt in the making. Hope you had fun together doing it.

  5. sewing fixes everything..........nice you can share something........


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