Sunday, 6 July 2014

Happy news.

Candice my eldest who left home at 17 has retuned home after being out on her own 2 years. 

I am pleased she is home and won't take it for granted that she is living with is again as who knows how long before she up and leaves again. 

After helping her unpack her car and buying some more cube shelves from Bunnings to store her clothes in. 

I spent the afternoon machine quilting the baby quilt. 

I am happy with the result and only have to sew down the binding. 

A great weekend. 


  1. that's wonderful news Simone, I hope you all can get along ok and find companionship in that togetherness

  2. One day art a time.....good she is with you now....great storage boxes..

  3. That is good news for you all. Lovely work on the baby quilt.

  4. Enjoy spending time together Simone. Your quilt looks great.

  5. A very creative weekend. So lovely that your daughter is home for a while. Enjoy each day she chooses to stay. Hugs.

  6. Nice to have your big girl home again. Enjoy her...
    Like the way you quilted the baby chevron.


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