Monday, 7 July 2014

Parcel in the box 12 inch mini swap

Monday I revived another parcel in the post. 
It was from Ondrea. 

Look at the gorgeous wedding ring quilt card - this is the envelope. 

And oh my goodness a gorgeous mini, yes my favourite colour is blue too! 

I also received these threads which will be used in some Xmas sewing I plan to work on too.

Thank you so much Indrea for making this mini for me and to Cheryll for hosting this swap for us all.


  1. Ondrea make the most beautiful mini with a lovely verse.

  2. wow this mini is awesome,love the saying,well done Ondrea,enjoy Simone.xx

  3. You are most welcome Simone. Did I put the coaster in with it?

  4. Lovely... Ondrea has made an amaxing have been spoilt Simone...

  5. WOW that is just soooo NiCe !!! :)


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