Friday, 1 August 2014

Happy news - well sort of

I had booked into a New York Beauty workshop at my local patchwork shop some weekend ago, even paid for the class promptly. 
This was what we were working on. 

Well I had to pull out of the class (SAD FACE)  due to my nephew on the ex side having an 18 birthday celebration. (HAPPY FACE).  

Well the past few days Talia has not been well and has spent the time in bed. Today I made the decision to not travel to the party (SAD FACE). 

So I went to see if the class had a vacancy no there wasn't. ( SAD FACE). 
I stayed to share lunch and then after a phone call I was told I was back in! (HAPPY FACE JUMPING AROUND). 

You little beauty I am going to a class for the New York Beauty!

So tonight 

I am starting with cutting my fabric for the day. 

This is what I have chosen. 

Large arc - Background  then points 
Piece between the arc
Small arc - background points
Base of arc

I am just beside myself that I am now attending this class. 


  1. yay for you have fun in class

  2. Perfect....things happen for a reason.
    Enjoy your class...:)

  3. wow that one looks great.............who is your teacher?????

  4. Have a good time.......
    Hope Talia feels better soon....!!

  5. Enjoy Simone - it was meant to be - hope Tahlia is on the mend quickly.

  6. Have a great time at the workshop. A fabulous quilt to work on.

  7. Have fun at the workshop, how exciting..what an array of emotions you have had the last few days,... what an amazing quilt you will be working on, ..hope Talia is feeling better soon


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