Saturday, 16 August 2014


This past week had been turned upside down. 

While I was visiting a school I received the news that a colleague had heard the news her husband dies suddenly while working away. 

Devastating news. 

I wa then asked to go 'home' and teach for a couple of days. So Bridie and I travelled to Balranald. 

It was great teaching again adm seeing my friends whole in Balranald. 

I also visited my work colleague. So sad

While in Balranald I realised my hexiagon crochet flowers were wrong. So tonight I have spent it pulling apart the flowers. I ended up with lots of centres and 3 flowers. 

As I head to bed I know have this pile of flowers ready for the pink edging.  

Haven't put the ends in some. 

I have a feeling it will be a sleepless night. I have been warned by the neighbours that they are set to party. Oh well. 


  1. Oh that is awful news...thoughts and prayers.

  2. glad you were able to fill in the gap...sad news........

  3. Tragic news...
    Hope you got some sleep...& the party didn't go all night.

  4. Very sad news! Hope you got some sleep. Frustrating having to unpick or undo but you are all set now x

  5. Sad news. We all do a bit of unpicking at times, but at least you'll have twice the fun of making your flowers.

  6. Sad news about your friend, the poor lady. Your flowers are very pretty.


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