Sunday, 14 September 2014

12" mini club - summer theme

I have opened my parcel which has come from Peg. 

All I can say is wow!  

Peg has made a gorgeous mini. I love the colours and the stitchery. 

It will certainly have pride of place in my house. 

This was not the only thing in Pegs parcel. There was also some extra goodies. 

Peg you are so talented and very generous. 

Thank you so much!  

Thanks Cheryll for organising this swap it has been great and now I have added minis to my collection. 


  1. Blushing here....LOL....thanks so much Simone...glad you liked my bits and pieces..xx

  2. What a gorgeous mini from Peg, Simone and lots of other lovely things as well. Enjoy

  3. Your SummertimeMini from Peg is lovely and she has also sent nice goodies. Enjoy !

    1. Lovely mini and gifts from Peg....definitely feels like Summer x

  4. Your mini is lovely, Simone. The border fabric reminds me of those roll up mats you would take to lie on on the beach!

  5. Hi Simone what a beautiful summer min you got from Peg and lucky you with the extras,such a wonderful swap parcel you have received.xx


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