Sunday, 30 November 2014

Bathurst Blog Meet part 5

We had two ladies not able to make the weekend. Well they were so generous and Chooky and Kylie ended up buying some pressies.

We were given tickets with things we had done over the weekend.

I received two foil wrapped gifts ( no wrapping paper was harmed) which were easy to open.

1. I made Dory cry! Well the story is I was chain piecing and Dory commented by fabric didn't align up. Well I looked and looked and she laughed and laughed. I thought she meant the fabric pieces not the string bits in between. Well she laughed so much she cried. Lol

2. I can't remember my second reason.

But I got the following:

Thanks to Peg and Dale for the gifts.


  1. the tickets were lots of fun........glad we are doing it again next year.........

  2. You got some lovely goodies, Simone.

  3. The tickets were a great idea weren't they - next year will be fun also with each of us bringing foil wrapped gifts for the draws!!! I think Dory was close to tears from laughing most of the weekend!!! Such a great group of bloggers!

  4. Lovely goodies indeed. Glad you had so much fun.


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