Saturday, 8 November 2014

Curved needle work

I have been spending some time working with this gorgeous fabric range by Sue Daley Designs, Raspberry Parlour making clamshell EPPs. 

Tonight I have been using a curved needle ( first time for everything!) and attaching the clamshells to the sewing case. 

Nearly finished side one. 


  1. Wow! Brave girl! Love the clam shells and those fabrics. Did you make the case ?

  2. Those fabrics are so pretty, Simone. Your clam shells look great. I've never used a curved needle. Has it made the stitching easier?

  3. Clamshells. How delightful. There's one pattern I've yet to try! As you said, there's a first time for everything!

  4. raspberry parlour is great isn't it................

  5. Looking good Simone those clamshell colours are delicious


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