Sunday, 2 November 2014

No finishes but certainly many starts.

Shortcake along



Friday was the annual Junior Dinner Dance. 
After spending the afternoon doing hair, practicing wearing the shoes we were ready to go. 

We even got a photo with the big sister. 

Sadly Talia didn't think she was pretty enough so we ended up back at home. 

Maybe next year - senior dinner dance 


  1. Hi Simone ,oh your daughter is very pretty and looks so beautiful all dressed up,what a shame she didnt go ,my heart goes out to your lovely daughter and boy you sure are keeping busy.xx

  2. Tahlia is gorgeous - both inside and out - I love the dress - so hard for her to believe she is all around wonderful and sad she didn't go. Hugs to you Simone - hard for mum to watch her daughter go through this. you are certainly a busy little bee aren't you!!

  3. Wonderful projects. Shame your daughter didn't go to the dance as i think she is a very pretty girl. Hugs,xx

  4. Simone, what a shame for your darling T... I'm sure that in time she will realise that being pretty is not 'all that'... hugs to you both

  5. Hi Simone, That is very sad to hear. Hopefully Talia will realise what a lovely girl she is. xx

  6. Hope your daughter gets to go to the dance next time. She looked lovely. Hugs......

  7. You are certainly very busy with a variety of lovely projects. Angel hugs to your daughter.


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