Wednesday, 10 December 2014

End of Primary Education for my girls...

Yesterday i went to Bridies graduation mass.
It was beautiful. The year six choir sang a beautiful song with the very talented Emily Pavey ( Celia Paveys the voice star older sister ). It was enchanting.

Here are some pictures of Bridie and her friends. Didn't think she need one of me!

It was a great celebration.

Only five more days of primary school and then the start of high school.


  1. Doesn't the time just fly, Simone! You now no longer have a primary school girl! It was a bit sad when Nelson finished primary.

  2. Wow then a new start with high school yet year, look out

  3. Very exciting and a little sad I remember those days xx

  4. Exciting for your DD... and "let the fun of HS begin" for mum!
    Merry Christmas :)


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