Sunday, 18 January 2015

Australia Day Swap

This year was the first time I had joined in the Australia Day Swap. My parcel had arrived when I was away so....

Last night I opened up all the parcels. They were all wrapped so beautifully.

This is what I found when I removed the wrapping.

A a pair of flat fats
U unusual mug
S something sweet
T tea
R rabbits
A Aunty Betty's golden syrup pudding
L lavender soap
I inch measure
A Australia tablecloth.

My swap partner was Gina - Jewells daughter. (Jewells was our host).

Thank you so much Gina and also Jewells for a great swap.

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  1. Great choices for each letter by Gina - I had a hard time getting my mind around some of them!! All done now though!

  2. very lovely collection of goodies there Simone, Gina chose well!

  3. Lucky you! lovey collection of goodies.

  4. Glad you liked your gifts from my daughter..thank you for joining my swap.


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