Saturday, 10 January 2015

Friday Night With Friends update

Last night was pizza night as mum and I were not cooking as we had some serious stitching to do

I worked on my BFF telephone.

Nearly all done. Just the writing and the satin sticks in the leaves.

Mum has spent a lot of nights knitting booties. Tonight she pulled out the golly project she needed to finish and sewed it. I forgot to take a picture.

Thanks Dory for the night.

Am going to head over and check out what the others ladies finished.

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  1. Only thing to do if you want a good night of stitching!! You are powering through the BFF blocks.

  2. Oh would have loved to have seen Mums Golly!

    Lovely BFF block.

  3. Gorgeous work, love the block.

  4. Love your stitching project, Simone :-)

  5. That is so cute,lovely stitching.

  6. A very productive night, nice stitching with your Mum.

  7. Lovely stitchery this BOM is also on my to-do list :) Barb.

  8. Lovely stitching Simone. Those designs are gorgeous aren't they. What is it with mums and knitting. Maybe yours could get together with mine for a FNKI.... Friday Night Knit In! :o))) Have fun....xxxx


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