Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A day worth celebrating

Today is a great day. It's my birthday. It's also my cousins birthday and my sister-in-laws birthday.

I am off to work, at morning tea there will be a cake and yummy things. At lunch we will then go out to Forbes Inn. Tonight there is only Talia and I at home so who knows what we'll have.

Also today I get to open my fat quarter birthday club parcels. So far I have 5 surprises. Hmmm tough decision to open before I go to workboat when I get home.

Talia gave me this on the weekend. I love it.

I couldn't find the ordinal photo so a screenshot from Instagram was required.

I have also finished stitching part six of my BFF BOM. I do love it but there is so much stitching.

Also I put out an SOS call to name this gorgeous flower. I now know it's a Camillia. I have seven trees of these in my front jungle.

Next Friday this garden will be tamed along with all of my trees. Cannot wait.

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  1. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y dear lady - may you have a special day with your friends and family. Open your pressies one at a time through the day - make them last!!

  2. Happy Birthday Simone,i hope you have an awesome day my friend xx

  3. Have a great BirTHDaY today Simone... All the very best... Hugs xox

  4. Happy Birthday Simone, I hope it's a fantastic day :) Barb.

  5. Happy Birthday Simone.. Sounds like you had a lovely day.....
    Love the plant your DD gave you...

  6. Many Happy Returns , Simone! The plant from Talia is really lovely... & I hope those Camellias don't get too much of a chop, they're gorgeous!


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