Saturday, 23 January 2016

Friday night sew in

Last night I was able to sit and sew with friends.

I managed to self bind ( I don't really know what it is called!) this hexagon.

Yes the binding is uneven down the bottom but with 93 more to make I am hoping things will improve.

I also started week three of my mix n match crochet along.

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  1. Beautiful Hexie and by the time you do them all it will be perfect..
    Pretty crocheting....

  2. Gorgeous projects Simone, love your stitchery,

  3. Of course you will be a perfect binder by the end of it all - aren't we all the same with something new! I am saving all the instructions for the Mix'n'Match to do down the track - I already have 2 crochet rugs on the go and bags filled with the requirements for 2 more this year so I think I have enough in my schedule for 2016 in that department. Love seeing all the colour combinations on face book - your choices are very fresh and pretty!

  4. Pretty hexagon. Looking forward to seeing the next 93.

  5. Lovely crochet. Yes after 93 you will be a wizard x

  6. Wonderfull hexagon! What a graet work!

  7. Such a beautiful Hexie!
    Welle done.


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