Sunday, 27 March 2016


This Friday was extra special. As Christians we remember the sacrifice of Jesus by dying for us on a cross.

I also joined up with some like minded ladies for an evening of stitching.

I spent some of the time looking after a friends grandchildren with my daughter

Then I spent some time crocheting.

 It was looking to big so I undid it but didn't go all the way.

Tonight I cut off. all the work I did last night and started again


Today the LQS was open and I got a text to go and sew with the manager.

I took my fabric I needed to cut out into 10" squares and I got the grey and white all cut.

I then began making the half square triangles "Missouri" style. And began playing around with them to make what will be a herringbone quilt top for a wedding I am going to at the end of April.

Today, Happy Easter everyone!
Friday my eldest daughter, Candice and her father came to see the girls for Easter.  They took Bridie for a couple of nights.
Today they came over for lunch before they headed home.  Most civil it has been for such a long time.

I took the opportunity to take a photo of the three girls, a rare events as Candice is so up and down with talking to anyone.

Brdie - 13, Candice 2 months off 21 and Talia 17.

A photo I will treasure, as I never know when I will get another one.

Hope you didn't celebrated Easter too hard with lots of chocolate.


  1. Love your crochet ... Great photo of the girls xxx

  2. A beautiful special photo Simone. Your blanket is coming along nicely (mistakes can become a feature you know!!).

  3. A beautiful photo of your girls treasure... It is also rare for my two girls to be together , sad for me.
    Enjoy your crocheting...

  4. Pretty colours in your crocheting.


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