Saturday, 24 September 2016

Graduation part Three

The graduation dinner was great. Before we knew it the time was 11 pm. 

All graduates were presented by their house leader. They were given a folder which had thei diploma of graduation, reference and any awards. 

Talia got a School Spirit award. 

When we were shown to our table number 47 we assumed we would be stuck in a corner with no one we knew. But we were front and centre. A great spot for taking photos. 

I didn't get a photo of Talia getting her folder I was too busy taking a photo. I have to work out how to take a photo off the video. But I took ones of her friends. 

Here is mum and Talia. 

And the room. 

And here is whole of year 12. 

It was a great night and now she has to concentrate on studying for her exams. 

I am so proud that she finished school and in 5 weeks she can celebrate. 

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  1. What wonderful night to remember.. good luck with the studies...


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