Friday, 23 December 2016

Xmas 2016

What a crazy couple of months I have had.

The girls father ended up in ICU for a week and is still in hospital 3 weeks later - tetanus.

Work has finished.

Talia got her HSC results. Missed out on primary teaching early entry so now waiting for offers to be released to see if he can get into secondary teaching.

Talia has begun a new friendship with a boy!

Bridie headed off to Canberra for two weeks before me.

I am officially on holidays. Back to work 23 January.

Spending Xmas with all 3 girls in Canberra with my mum dad and sisters.


Have done some sewing.

Finishing off self binding bff stitchery hexagons -
Crocheting a Xmas stocking
Table centre

Hope you all keep safe this Christmas season. I am looking forward to opening my SSCS parcel in two days time.

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  1. Bugger the tetanus. You don't hear of anyone getting it around here now..... Was he out of date for a boaster needle?
    Have fun opening your sscs.....


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