Thursday, 9 February 2017

Initial heart swap.

My parcel has been mailed off. Hope my partner likes my gifts. I have revived my parcel from Anna.
With the temperatures being ridiculous high 30 and 40 plus my chocolate was quite melted so I jus had to eat it. I will open my wrapped parcel on the 14th. Just because.

I have been walking regularly for the past week. I am getting 8000 steps at least four times a week. For me this is huge. I even headed out this morning when my walking buddy slept in.

Talia is packing up here room. Five more days and she will be gone. Off to Canberra to start her double degree. Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of teaching. She is majoring in ancient History and minor if in Religious Education.
She is attending the uni where I went to.

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  1. Ohhhh and of course you had to eat the chockie...xox

  2. I am so far behind.... Great work on the steps....... Hope you are sticking to it and upping it...... Once you get started it's great.... Routine routine routine.....


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