Sunday, 26 March 2017

I am still here - just

Been a manic time over the past three weeks. Traveling around western New South Wales. Only home long enough to pack a bag, attend meetings and professional learning.

Last week I was away for the whole week and nearly didn't get home as the road was closed due to the rain we have had over such a short time.

I have been trying so hard to change my way of life. Walking, eating and throwing in some exercise. I have a work colleague to walk with and an a email friend who inspires me regularly. Small changes are taking effect but certainly needs to be a long term projects.

My temperature quilt.

Cleaning up my garden. Cut back the geisha girl.

Friends for Xmas all done.

Water we drive through last week.

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  1. Keep up the great work......nice sewing projects.......

  2. Oh and not talking about rain. ...... Have not had any......

  3. Hi Simone , you sure have been a very busy lady. Nice to see you still had time to do some stitching...
    Great to do some walking too....


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