Sunday, 29 May 2011

Loving the creativity of other blog users

As I look around at the other blogs related to my love of Patchwork I am in awe with how varied they are in appearance.

My interests and love of Patchwork also include my knowledge and understanding of Information Technology.  As I tell the ladies I work with,  'it won't beat me I will find out how to do it'.  So after an hour of changes I think I am happy with the look of my blog.

I have not had much time sewing this weekend. 
My youngest girl who is 8 had a minor accident today between the scooter and the road.  I think the road and scooter faired better than Miss 8, who has quite a fat lip, scraping on the nose and a cut unter her top lip.  She is not wanting to go to school tomorrow but I am sure she will be fine. 

I have one assignment left to complete for my degree then I hope to starting going through those WIPs. 

When unpacking more boxes today in search of fabric for my challenge I discovered 2 more quilts that need to be quilted.  The list just gets bigger and bigger.  Not that I am complaining...

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