Saturday, 28 May 2011

Works in Progress

I was thinking about what I have lying around my house that is related to Patchwork.  I have a few things and thought I would start to list what I have.  I am sure that over time additions will be made to this list, I am hoping that things can be crossed off the list as well. 

In no particular order:
Projects started-
1. Secret Garden - needle turn blocks - 5 to go
2. Down in the Garden - 2 blocks to finish
3. Christmas quilt  by Lynette Anderson
4. Simple Stitchings - Anni Downs

Projects that have not been started
1. Vignette BOM
2. Girls Day Out
3. Everyday Angels - flannel quilt
4. Butterfly Fling

Projects to Quilt
1. Pinwheel baby quilt - this baby was born in January!
2. "Long service quilt"
3. Christmas Story- by Anni Downs
4. Songbirds - Bronwyn Hayes

This is not an exhaustive list, stay tuned there will be more!


  1. Hi Simone I think I have a list twice that long, is'nt that terrible!!! Oh well we will finish them someday LOL.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    I can only imagine how long your list is. Imagine if you could do your own projects at work they would all get finished.

    You have done many incredible projects for your self and work.


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