Friday, 20 May 2011

Missing quilts

  I have searched high and low trying to locate some quilts I used to have on my bed when we lived in Balranald.  One is a flannel quilt which I really want to find.  I have searched through a number of boxes in my room, still unpacked from moving in January.

Challenge 1: Weekend challenge to to find these quilts so I can be warm.

Challenge 2: I have begun searching through my fabric to find material I can use for my Friendship Challenge.  I have found some fabric that I think might suit but need to find more!  I hope I will have enough to complete the lap quilt.  I am in need of some light colours, I have found some white tone on tone, but I really think more colour is needed.  I have found some 30's fabric but they are not light more bright... need to know if these will fit.

Here is what I have found so far to go with the fabric sent... which is below...

I think more hunting is on the agenda for this weekend, in between shopping for soccer supplies, travelling to Parkes and packing for a week long trip for work.

Would love ideas on my fabric choices and maybe ideas on what I need to include.

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  1. oooo :) are they for me....Can't wait to see what else you can find.


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