Saturday, 25 June 2011

Friday night was special...

Last night Miss 8 and 27 of her school friends were confirmed in out local Catholic Church.  Was a great celebration, lots of proud family and friends filled the church for this event.

Today she played soccer and played well.  The kids won, the are on the top of the ladder.  Tomorrow we have a soccer carnival in town.

After the party tonight I hope to get some sewing completed.  I am going to sewing together my blocks for my
I am going to be sewing these together with a decorative stitch, sewing down the raw edge rather than leave the raw edge exposed.

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  1. I cut into my solid layer cake. I'm glad I brought a jelly roll in solid white as well as I have to cut 11.5" strips to go on the outside of the blocks. My blocks will be bigger than Rachel's. Just couldn't get past the raw edges. Will use the left over 10" strips in the quilt to make the length longer.


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