Monday, 6 June 2011

Missing quilt instructions...

I bought a quilt from my "local" patchwork shop, one that I used to go to group at once a month.
The quilt was made using the Butterfly Fling panels and fabrics.  In my move I have lost the instructions, this quilt was going to be for a special young lady in my family for her upcoming Confirmation.

I am hoping that Michelle might help me.  Here's hoping she will look at the quilt and work out the measurements for me. 
I am needing the
  • cutting size of the panel block ,
  • the borders of the blocks and
  • I think the squares are two and a half inches?
  • how wide the final border needs to be

I have the photos so hope that I can get the directions.


  1. If I have time tomorrow I will look and see and scribble something down.

  2. do you want to start it soon or can you wait until I see you. I have written down some notes I can snail mail them to you if you want ... just let me know


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